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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Road Rally Giveaway Blog Hop ~ Beep, Beep!

A big hello, and welcome to my stop on the Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Road Rally! If this your first visit, welcome! To old friends, welcome back! I'm always honored to be included in the QM 100 Blocks issue (and even more so to be on the cover!), and excited to be on the blog hop where you can win prizes at each stop. And search for clues to enter a big grand prize drawing over at the Quiltmaker blog, Quilty Pleasures.

There are so many cute blocks in this issue! It's so much fun to look through each time and see everyone's creativity. 

I've done a few punctuation marks for past 100 Blocks issues, and this time, they requested another, so I give you Quilty Quotes. :)

For a bit of back story, I first made a punctuation quilt 3 or 4 years ago when I decided to do one for my nephew who was in his early teens at the time. It's been fun to come up with different punctuation marks -- 

Then I did one for 100 blocks, and that turned into a couple more, and maybe soon I'll have enough for a quilt of 12" punctuation blocks! Wow, I should have done some sort of texty background on the question mark, too! I dropped the ball on that one. :p

I've mocked a quilt up in some brights, b/c I love bright colorful fabrics! They make me happy! :) I love to sew the rainbow! Any day spent working with bright colorful fabrics, and listening to happy music, like maybe Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo╩╗ole is a good day. The ukulele gets me every time! I think if my blog had intro music, that would have to be it!

In fact, if you would like to enjoy some sweet background music as you continue, just click play. :D Then read on for the giveaway info!

As a thank you for stopping by, I have two prizes to give away.

One is a copy of this issue of 100 Blocks, courtesy of Quiltmaker..

..and one is a fat eighth remix bundle from Winter Creek Cloth.  

The winner will get to choose which colorway they would like. I love these bundles that WCC puts together! There are several colorways to pick from.  Here are a few just so you get an idea.

All you have to do to enter is click on the My Patterns tab at the top of this page, or click here, and then leave me a comment on this post letting me know your favorite of my patterns. Make sure to include your email address in your comment, so I have a way to contact you. 

I will choose two winners one week from today and if you are chosen, I will also include with your prize, a copy of the pattern that you chose in your comment. :)

Thanks so much for stopping by, and happy road rally-ing!




GranChris said...

Wife of Pi would be fun but I do love your punctuation quilt. My Grandsons would like that.

Anita said...

I love the Wife of Pi quilt!

it would be fun to pick out fabrics for Awesome Blossoms! That's a really neat pattern! I just love IZ's Over the Rainbow, too!
Jspwarren at aol dot com.

Allison said...

I love Color Outside the Lines! And it wold be perfect for my 5 year old granddaughter who loves hearts and colored pencils.

kt said...

I really like Mod Geo Cruiser (among others!). Love your patterns!

ledamewood said...

Oh my, I love all your patterns, but the one I know I would really make it Milk Glass Stars.

The Mod Geo Cruiser Jr. has been a favorite of mine since I first saw it.

Darlene B said...

Very cute patterns!! I would choose "Color Outside the Lines - Mini." Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Color outside the lines mini, love the fabrics on the pencils. The 'Plums' look so pretty.

VA said...

Off Road is my favorite!

Janie said...

I love your off road pattern!

Sandra said...

Trailville is so cute and this would be my choice. You are a very creative designer and I have enjoyed your quiltalongs. Thank you for being a part of the QM 100's Blocks Blog Tour and giving us this opportunity to try and win.

Sandi Timmons

Annie said...

I'm enjoying Somewhere Over the Rainbow as I type this!

I like your newest pattern, Milk Glass Stars. It's very pretty!

I adore trailerville ! I'm dying to get my hands on this 100 block magazine too!

Kaye M said...

Awesome Blossom is my favorite pattern. It is such a cheerful, spring-like design. You are a very creative designer.

Your Air Kisses pattern is my favorite.

Lori said...

congratulations. your block is so cool. I really like your pattern "Kaleido Scrap" but really they are all wonderful.
I also am super happy sewing with bright colors

Cute block, love the layout in brights. Favorite pattern is Wife of Pi. Thanks for sharing. Diane

Lee Ann L. said...

Beep is my favorite because I adore VW Buses and Bugs. :-) PS I adore this block! It's a wonderful addition to the past ones!

Color Outside the Lines is my fave! I have seen this quilt on pinterest and it always makes me happy when I look closely at it!

lalaluu said...

Lots of great patterns; it was hard to choose just one! In the end, I'm a sucker for scrap quilts, so I choose KaleidoScrap as my favorite! lalaluu (at) gmail (dot) com

Evie H said...

I love patterns with stars and especially like your EXPO. Thanks for a great giveaway and the chance to win.

JANET said...

My favorites are Jane's Cross, Awesome Blossom, and Mod Geo Cruiser. You have some great patterns! ndfromsd at g mail dot com

I like your Milk Glass Stars, and I like the name Air Kisses, sweet quilt pattern names. You sure make great patterns.
Thanks for giveaway.

Laura said...

Love Air Kisses and it's x block theme. You have a great pattern selection.

tac73 said...

All your patterns are so much fun! For my husband I would have to pick Beep. I need to try a punctuation quilt soon too. Thank you. tacdah at gmail(dot)com

Martina said...

Oh I really like the Mod Geo Cruiser pattern, but its a taff choice, so many great patterns. I also love your block and the awesome quilt you made with the blocks! Really fun!

Donna W said...

Really like Jane's Cross. You have great patterns!

Nancy said...

I like Merry Mermaid!

Jennifer said...

I love Color Outside the Lines pattern! That is a clever design!

You have some great quilt patterns, I like the Christmas wreath one. Would love to win the purples, not much of that in my stanch. Thanks

Shauna said...

They are all so cute, but I would have to pick Super Scraptastic Scrap Eater

That's one of my favorite versions of Somewhere Over the Rainbow--the other being Eva Cassidy's. Homestead Betty looks pretty cool!

I love that version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow too. My favorite pattern of yours is Welcome Wreath. Thanks!

Please click on the delaineelliott above for my email link.

Gill said...

I love Wife of Pi!
Your punctuations are fabulous!

Unknown said...

It was really hard to decide because you have so many cute patterns. I finally settled on "Into the Woods" because my husband and I have spent so much wonderful time camping in the mountains giving us so many wonderful memories. Nancy A:

Love your block idea especially for young texters. My fav pattern is "Welcome Wreath."
rozz01 at cox dot net

Pamela said...

I like Color Outside the Lines and also Scoot!
Cute patterns.

prairiekat said...

I am so glad to see you are back and have another punctuation block (? mark is my favorite so far), your patterns look like fun and with grandsons I think I would make the Jeepers pattern. Keep up the good work. Kathy in colo repzjratplainsdotnet

Lisa Marie said...

Wow, you have a lot of lovely patterns! My favorite is Color Outside the Lines. jklmengland at windstream dot net

Ann said...

Not an easy choice to make Kelli, but I'm settling on KaleidoScrap as the pattern I'd like to tackle first from your line. ak93012 at aol dot com.

Debbie said...

Hard to choose but Mod geo was it I think.. thanks for giving me a chance to win..

Mary said...

Thanks for the song - I truly enjoyed listening to it. As for the favorite pattern - I can't decide between Milk Glass Stars and KaleidoScrap. You are such a talented designer!

How different-all your patterns are! Color Outside the Lines Mini-just too sweet! Thank you, Susan

margaret said...

I have a hard time choosing between wife of pi, jeepers and tralerville. Any would be fun but i think wife of pi would be great.
books are great but so is fabric, oh the decissions us quilters must make.

Tools Baby is still my favorite pattern. If I ever have a grandson, I'd love to make this quilt.

Jayne said...

It's a difficult decision but I would go for Wife of Pi

Since I'm all about color, Color Outside the Lines is my favorite.

wendy said...

You have some cute patterns! I love the Trailerville quilt and the Milk Glass Stars. Thanks!

My very favorite is Tools, Baby, but I love Mod Geo also. Truly, they're all cute. And thanks for the link to "Over the Rainbow".

Madeline said...

I like the kitchenaid mixer hot pad. I love my mixer.

Sandi1100 said...

My favorite is bright lights, big city or wife of pi. Thanks for a chance to win.

Congratulations Kelli. I really like all the blocks you have made for the magazine. I think they will make a cute quilt. My favorite pattern is Mod Geo Cruiser Jr. Thank you so much for the giveaway.


anna brown said...


Carlene said...

Thanks for the giveaway. I love your patterns and a few of my favorites are
Trailorville and Mod Geo Cruiser. I made your Minecraft for my grandson. It was fun to make and he loved it.

Color outside the lines has ALWAYS been a favorite!

Nancy Sue said...

I love Cantaloupe Slice. We are clemson fans, so anything in the orange family and purple family gets our attention. If I win I'll have to buy the Plums to go along with it :) Love the Off-Road pattern. 2nd in line was the jeepers... so cute! All your patterns have your signature whimsy..... was hard to choose! Congrats on your block :)

Vicki H said...

I like the Wife of Pi.

sue said...

What a fun blog! I like Jane's crosses; it is unique and would be fun to piece!

Paige said...

Great block, Kelli! I would have to choose trailerville, so cute!

Rhonda D. said...

Tough decision! I love Mod Geo Cruiser Jr and Trailerville. Thanks for the chance to win!

Diantha said...

Hi Kelli,
My favorite of your patterns is Jane's Cross. The colorways of the fat eighths are gorgeous!

Lee said...

I love the Milk Glass Stars!! Your block is very fun! Congrats!

JoyceLM said...

Trailerville looks like a fun quilt, and it brings back memories of camping with my family many many years ago. Love your new punctuation block. Thanks.

Cecilia said...

I love your Mod Geo Cruiser pattern. The punctuation patterns are great, too! Congratulations on being included in this issue!

Kathy E. said...

WElcome Wreath is my favorite. I really need to have a Christmas quilt here at home! Love all of your blocks!

Ohhhh hard choice they are all great patterns ... but my fav is Wife of Pi.

minibea12 said...

I love your patterns! Hard to pick a favorite but Super Scraptastic Scrap Eater is awesome!

Rachell said...

It's sew much fun to follow you and see what you come up with next! Next to quilting, reading is my love, and a fun wordy quilt would be awesome!
I have a hard time choosing from your patterns, so I'd say my top 3 are: Expo, Air Kisses, and Welcome Wreath!

Charl said...

I think my favorite pattern is Into the Woods, but I also love Bespectacled!

Jollygirl said...

I love Color Outside the Lines. Great pattern.

Beth said...

Mod Geo Cruiser won my heart long ago, and it's still my favorite.

Thanks for the day-brightening music!

wordygirl at earthlink dot net

Cat said...

I love your quilt Color Outside the Lines. Since I love bright bold colors - this would perfect for me.

June D said...

The Expo design caught my eye tonight, but they are all fun and attractive.
From the fabric I'd pick Daffodils. Yellows are my favorite!
Thanks for the chance!

Your patterns are really fun. I really like "Air Kisses."

I have to admit this is the first time I've looked at your patterns. They are all so cute. I think Tools Baby would be fun. I've never seen anything like it.

I like Mod Geo cruiser even tho I hate riding a bicycle! pjrquilter(at)msn(dot)com

Elizabeth said...

I love "Trailerville", but would be more likely to actually make "Awesome Blossom".

Gene Black said...

Great patterns. I like Jane's Cross and Wife of Pi.

Loris said...

Fun new block! I like Color Outside the Lines (mini) as well as a few others. Thank you for the sweet giveaway!

Scoot is just too cute! I have a little "dirt bug" so I need to sew this. I favorited it on Etsy for when I get the chance. Thank you,

Kathryn said...

Thanks for the giveaway. I like your Kaleidoscrap quilt.

Becky said...

My favorite is Mod GeoCruiser. Love bikes!

Brenda E. said...

The pattern I would chose is Trailerville, I already have Welcome Wreaths which I love. Your blocks are so unique!

Karen said...

WOW! You've designed a ton of great patterns! I'm really taken by your Wife of Pi quilt--such a great clean and crisp geometric design. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

Janarama said...

Was hard to choose but I finally decided Wife of Pi is my favorite.

Monica said...

OMG..... First I love 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' song by Israel Kamakawiwo╩╗ole. I have it on my playlist.... I'm a Jeep girl so that would explain why I love the song and why I choose the Off-Road pattern (I liked this pattern on Instagram a free days ago).... Waiting for my quilting allowance to get the J is for Jeep in blue material.


I love the newest, Milk Glass Stars. I have been looking for a good 6 pointed star pattern for a while!
allisonpogany at

Deb B. said...

I like all of your patterns. I think I would most likely use the Milk Glass Stars pattern first because I have a lot of prints that would look lovely using it.

You have a lot of cute patterns! I think my favorite is Jeepers. Thanks for offering the giveaway. cknapp3626(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

Marie Chat said...

Unique pattern designs. I like Kalideo Scrap. Thanks for the giveaway chance.

love your patterns my favorite is Jeepers..So cute
Margaret Handlin

Deb said...

I like Homestead Betty. debgirotti at gmail dot com

Trailerville is really cute!
Calund47 at gmail dot com

I love all your patterns but Trailerville is my favorite

ruthsplace said...

I love the Ampersand pattern.

Lisa S. said...

I love Color Outside the Lines.

You know I love all of your patterns, but I would love to try Jane's Cross as it reminds me of a Jerusalem Cross.

Brenda said...

Fun patterns. I really like Jeepers and Color Outside the Lines. And this one and that one and . . . .

Emily C said...

Fabric Stashe is very amusing. I would have to pick Milk Glass Stars, as I love stars and that is the one I am most likely to complete.

So many options that would work for people I know. Jeepers would be lovely for my brother

HI! My favorite is Color Outside the lines MINI! So cute!

Chiska said...

Oh man I LOVE that song! I also love your Off Road Quilt pattern. I don't know how I missed that one. It's definitely going on my list. Your color outside the lines looks cool too. Thanks for your great patterns.

Sewing Sue said...

They are all really nice but Color Outside the Lines kind of rings it for me. Thank! Nice job on the punctuation too.

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