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Seriously I think it needs stitches

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Road Rally Giveaway Blog Hop ~ Beep, Beep!

A big hello, and welcome to my stop on the Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Road Rally! If this your first visit, welcome! To old friends, welcome back! I'm always honored to be included in the QM 100 Blocks issue (and even more so to be on the cover!), and excited to be on the blog hop where you can win prizes at each stop. And search for clues to enter a big grand prize drawing over at the Quiltmaker blog, Quilty Pleasures.

There are so many cute blocks in this issue! It's so much fun to look through each time and see everyone's creativity. 

I've done a few punctuation marks for past 100 Blocks issues, and this time, they requested another, so I give you Quilty Quotes. :)

For a bit of back story, I first made a punctuation quilt 3 or 4 years ago when I decided to do one for my nephew who was in his early teens at the time. It's been fun to come up with different punctuation marks -- 

Then I did one for 100 blocks, and that turned into a couple more, and maybe soon I'll have enough for a quilt of 12" punctuation blocks! Wow, I should have done some sort of texty background on the question mark, too! I dropped the ball on that one. :p

I've mocked a quilt up in some brights, b/c I love bright colorful fabrics! They make me happy! :) I love to sew the rainbow! Any day spent working with bright colorful fabrics, and listening to happy music, like maybe Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo╩╗ole is a good day. The ukulele gets me every time! I think if my blog had intro music, that would have to be it!

In fact, if you would like to enjoy some sweet background music as you continue, just click play. :D Then read on for the giveaway info!

As a thank you for stopping by, I have two prizes to give away.

One is a copy of this issue of 100 Blocks, courtesy of Quiltmaker..

..and one is a fat eighth remix bundle from Winter Creek Cloth.  

The winner will get to choose which colorway they would like. I love these bundles that WCC puts together! There are several colorways to pick from.  Here are a few just so you get an idea.

All you have to do to enter is click on the My Patterns tab at the top of this page, or click here, and then leave me a comment on this post letting me know your favorite of my patterns. Make sure to include your email address in your comment, so I have a way to contact you. 

I will choose two winners one week from today and if you are chosen, I will also include with your prize, a copy of the pattern that you chose in your comment. :)

Thanks so much for stopping by, and happy road rally-ing!


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Happy Pi Day Block Tutorial

Happy Pi Day! 

My son LOVES math and science & so does my hub, so in their honor and in honor of all things pie, er.. I mean Pi, I designed a Pi block! It would make a really cute cushion, quilt, tote, etc. for a math major or someone really science-y. :) 

But first, some Pi facts:

-Here's a link to Pi to the 10,000th digit. Yikes. It makes my eyes cross!
-Pi is the most recognizable mathematical constant in the world.
-Pi is irrational, meaning its digits go on forever in a random format.
-In the Greek alphabet, the Pi symbol is the 16th letter. In the English alphabet, P is also the 16th letter.
-Humans have been studying Pi for over 4,000 years.

And a Pi joke: What do you get if you divide the circumference of a jack-o-lantern by its diameter? Pumpkin Pi. :D

Facts and jokes courtesy of Fact Retriever. Click here for more Pi trivia.

And now the block! It's super easy. 

(Done in Santorini, by Michele D'Amore for Timeless Treasures. I love dots!!)



(1) 2 x 12 1/2"
(1) 1 1/2 x 12 1/2"
(2) 1 1/2 x 8"
(2) 1 1/2 x 2 1/2"
(1) 4 1/2 x 6"
(1) 3 1/2 x 4 1/2"
(1) 2 1/2 x 3"
(1) 1 1/2 x 1 1/2"

for HSTs:

(1) 2 1/2 x 2 1/2"
(1) 2 3/8 x 2 3/8"
(4) 1 7/8 x 1 7/8"

PI symbol:

(1) 2 1/2 x 7 1/2"
(1) 2 x 6 1/2"
(1) 2 x 6"
(1) 2 x 2"
(1) 1 1/2 x 3 1/2"
(1) 1 1/2 x 2 1/2"
(1) 1 1/2 x 1 1/2"

for HSTs:

(1) 2 1/2 x 2 1/2"
(1) 2 3/8 x 2 3/8"
(4) 1 7/8 x 1 7/8"

HST Making:

A: Place a 2 1/2" square of background and Pi fabric right sides together. Stitch from corner to corner diagonally. Trim, flipo and press open. You should have a 2 1/2" (unfinished; 2" finished) HST.

B: Place a 2 3/8" square of background and Pi fabric right sides together. Trace a line diagonally from corner to corner. Stitch a scant quarter inch seam on each side of traced line. Cut apart on traced line. Press open your TWO 2" (unfinished; 1 1/2" finished) HSTs.

C: Using the same method as in B above, but using 1 7/8" squares of background and Pi fabric, make TWO 1 1/2" (unfinished; 1" finished) HSTs. Repeat with each set of 1 7/8" squares, until you have 8 total HSTs. (You will have one spare.)

And it's a piece of pie! I wish. haha It's a block of Pi. Though I would prefer a block of Pie. :)

Happy Pi Day! Dots make me happy!


Thursday, March 2, 2017

Minecraft Giveaway Bash / Show & Tell

A little over a year ago, I started a secret Minecraft quilt for my son, in hopes to do one block a week, and have it done for his 10th birthday. I decided to post each week's block tutorial, in case anyone wanted to join me and to keep me motivated. 

At first, it was just Anita in Canada, and Eileen in NJ, and me. But soon, it blew up and turned into a full fledged sew-along/the year of Minecraft, with Fat Quarter Shop selling a special FQ bundle...

Bundle is no longer available, but there is a printable list of the fabrics used on the Sew-Along page, or by CLICKING HERE.

..and people (and KIDS!) quilting along from all over the world. Thanks to all of you who sewed along with me and made it so much fun! Special shout-outs to 8 y.o. LuLu in Australia for being the youngest stitcher, sewing along on her Elna Mini...

...and Kristen who made FOUR. I know of a few of you that made multiple quilts! 

@jukeboxquilts on instagram

My hopes for surprising my son only lasted a few blocks in, when he saw a thumbnail photo on my computer that I hadn't closed out. :(  BUT it ended up being a blessing in disguise, as he requested and helped to design extra blocks. (He even drew out the big Enderdragon himself on graph paper!) He was happy to be part of creating his epic 10th birthday quilt. :)

The original 20 blocks turned into over 50 block tutorials and one giant Enderdragon, and a whole alphabet of Minecraft-font letters, much of which was requested or inspired by YOU, or requested & designed by my son -- who also made for really good quality control. :) A couple of you even designed your own extra blocks and were so kind to let me draw up the tutorial and share them with everyone, too, so it really became a group project. :) 

I saw pics of quilts/blocks done in solids, prints, and even batiks and civil war prints and they all looked great!

My son's quilt wasn't quite finished for his birthday as originally planned, but it WAS finished for Christmas. 

Here are few photos. It's ginormous but fits perfectly on his bed. And can grow with him when he gets a full sized bed someday. It's finished size is 84"W x 93"L. I used 2" vertical sashing strips and 3" horizontal sashing strips.

And I almost forgot -- his matching pillow sham. He picked which two blocks he wanted on the sham. He is still requesting a cube pillow out of TNT blocks, but I only have one TNT block done and am having some fun sewing non-Minecraft things at the moment.. so that might get put on hold for a bit. ;)

My friend Lisa (Upstairs Birdie Longarm Quilting) quilted this beast and did such a good job! I could have never gotten this done on my machine.

All along, I received so many encouraging emails, from moms/grandmas who made quilts for their kids/grandkids or sewed blocks with them, to kids sewing their own blocks and even a couple who entered them into the state fair and a 4th grade talent show! 

@mamamel781 on instagram

@squaredquilts on instagram

And I'll never ever forget this one message from Bobbie in Austin, TX! :) So crazy!

There were also a couple of quilts hanging out at the Temecula outdoor quilt show.. It's been nothing short of an amazing experience! All thanks to all of YOU!

prostitched_quilts on instagram

So cool and so fun to see them all, finished or in progress! So as a thank you, I've gathered up some prizes! Huge thanks to Fat Quarter Shop, Wintercreek Cloth, Timeless Treasures/Dear Stella Fabrics & Riley Blake Designs for their prize donations!

Prize #1: (picked out by my son) a fluffy soft stuffed Ghast, to maybe go on the bed of one of those Minecraft quilt recipients. :) 

AND for the quilter, a hand turned wooden seam ripper that I picked up at a wood-turning shop while on vacation last summer, just for this giveaway. I have one of this artist's seam rippers and I love it. He gets the ripper hardware from a German company, and then handturns the handles. They are beautiful. I think this one is maple? It is impossible to lose the lid for this one, which makes it my favorite, as I have lost the lid to every seam ripper I've ever owned. ;) And they're so pretty!

Prize #2: A $30 gift certificate from Wintercreek Cloth.

Prize #3: TWO rollie pollies donated by Riley Blake Designs/Penny Rose Fabrics. High Adventure & Strawberry Biscuit.

Prize #4: A $50 gift certificate from Fat Quarter Shop.

Prize #5:  Tonga Treat pack of their SURF line, donated by Timeless Treasures.

Prize #6: Tonga Treat pack of their PASSION FRUIT line, donated by Timeless Treasures.

Prize #7: This FQ bundle of Pin Dot Basics rainbow-y goodness from Timeless Treasures.

Prize #8:  This FQ bundle of Floral Daze from Dear Stella.

Prize #9:  This FQ bundle of Sea Breeze from Timeless Treasures.

To enter, just link up a photo of your finished quilt, or your quilt or block(s) in progress to the inlinkz linky below. That way you can see each others links and quilt pics. Don't worry if you don't have a blog to link up, you can link a pic from your computer or even from your instagram. (enter the URL of the IG pic you want to enter and it will direct you) Just follow the instructions and if you have any questions shoot me an email. :) I'm happy to help!

Please only enter once, UNLESS you made more than one quilt, in which case, EXTRA CREDIT, you can enter a pic of each quilt. :) Enjoy the party! (Hoping you all link up so I'm not lonely. ha! ;) Plus, there are NINE prizes!!

Thanks to all of you for coming along on the ride with me and making the journey to this completed quilt so much fun! I'm going to enter a pic just to make sure it's working since this is the first one of these I've done. Fingers crossed!


Monday, February 13, 2017

Goodbye, Sweet Boy!

November 13, 2009-February 4, 2017

Buster Car Warren Fannin

*his middle names were chosen by a then three year old Austin* :)

I'll never forget the day we picked you up, Buster. It was a little over 7 years ago. You kept trying to climb into Austin's lap on the way home.

 You were so stinkin' adorable!!

We'll love you forever, sweet dog. You brought much love, confusion, chaos, laughter, fun, and learning to our lives. You were our first "large breed" dog, and you taught us so much!

You were true to your breed with your rescue instincts. You once swam out to the middle of the lake not once but twice because you saw something sparkling in the water and were sure it needed rescuing, only to get out there and find the water had shifted and the sun no longer created the sparkle and you were left with nothing to rescue after all. You swam around in circles a few times to be sure before returning to shore. You LOVED the water.

You even took your rescuing instincts a step further. You also took on the role of captain of the fun police, always wanting to run into the middle of screaming or laughing kids or any kind of scuffle, even at the dog park! To just stand there, seemingly to break up the commotion and make sure everyone was okay and behaving nicely. We couldn't even have a "family hug" before Chris left on a work trip without you getting right in the middle and standing there. :)

You were a true Rufferee...

 Who could empty a toybox in record time...

Who loved the dog park.. and LIVED for rides in the car!

You had a bff, Buffy the Boxer, across the street.. (you even knew her name and where she lived, and if asked where's Buffy, you would run to the front door and look out the window at her house.)

You had a favorite chair...

You once stole a carrot cake from the kitchen counter, when I turned my head for only five seconds..

 You liked to drink water out of anything that wasn't your water bowl...

We will always have our "Lego Buster" that Chris and Austin made, and our Newfie Cookie Cutter as keepsakes to remind us of the love you brought to us...

..and how you were a shedder.. 

..and a drooler.. You drooled A 
LOT! Esp. when eating.

 But you were so worth it. 

You had an obsession with viewing your kingdom from the patio table...

And belly rubs..

And the shop vac.. You loved to be shop vac'd. If someone was using it you would get in front of it to block their way, until they shop vac'd your belly.

You were a joy to come home to.

I miss scratching your chin, and grabbing your jowls to kiss you on the nose in the mornings. 

And how you would sit in front of me and hit me on the lap with your great big paw, begging for a belly scratch. I don't, however, miss how you would accidentally hit me in the face instead if I was sitting in the floor.  Those paws packed a punch. But don't worry, I know you didn't mean it. You'd never hurt a soul on purpose.

Thanks for growing up with, and teaching Austin how to take care of a furry family member, even when that involves extra trips to the vet, and budget sacrifices. You even helped him learn at 10 yrs old that, in the end, sometimes we have to make decisions that are hard for us because they are the best decisions for our pets. Even if our hearts break a little each time.

You were the best. And you had the best, most soulful eyes. And you will be missed. And the next Newfie we get will surely benefit from all that you taught us. I hope you're running around drinking from every sprinkler you can find, and chasing all the cats and golf carts you can find. :)

The song is called Good Riddance, but that is definitely not what we're saying to you, my sweet boy. My blog mascot. You'll be forever missed. I hope you had the time of your life. And always knew how loved you were. xoxoxo

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