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Seriously I think it needs stitches

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Friday Night Sew-In Results

Last night was Friday Night Sew-In over at Handmade by Heidi.

Handmade by Heidi

I didn't manage to get a whole lot done, but I did finish the quilting on the Union Jacks, (YEAHHH!!!) and right on schedule.  My friend is moving into her new house this next weekend, and I want it to be ready as a housewarming gift.

I decided to call it Jumbo Jack. I just need to do some touch-ups on the quilting here and there, and get the binding on now.  It's been a beast to quilt, and at times, I've felt like I might cross the fine line between loving it and hating it. Either that, or chuck my little machine out the window.  But I powered through, and even though it has a few small tucks here and there, I think they won't be noticeable after it's washed.  Fingers crossed, anyway. It was a big piece of the quilting pie to take a bite out of for such an inexperienced machine quilter as myself.  That being said, I have LOVED this quilt-along, and Lynne's instructions and pattern were so well written.  I'm glad I pushed myself and did it. :)
Lilys Quilts

You're probably all sick of seeing it already, so this is the last photo I am posting of it until it is all done and in the hands of its owner.  (I was playing around on PicMonkey and made a mosaic.) Then it will have its very own post with finished pics, and I'll be doing a happy dance in the street to have it done. :)

That's what I worked on last night. What about you?  Planning on having some fun tomorrow surfing the FNSI links and the Blogger's Quilt Festival links.

Hope you're all having a great weekend!


Lisa Lisa said...

Still lovin' the Jumbo Jack, and love your mosaic. :)

shez said...

congrats Kelli on a productive FNSI.xx

Cath said...

I never tire of seeing what you are working on! What I can see of the looks really great ;)
Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

Mrs A said...

Well done! I should try to do a mosaic one of these days :)

Still not tired of seeing it :) It looks so great!

I haved loved seeing all of the posts on it and can't wait to see it finished.

You had a very productive FNSI, the quilt is going to be great!

Jody said...

I'm impressed! NO WAY would (or could!) I do a quilt that size on a domestic machine. My back hurts just thinking about it! Very good job!!!

Love the quilting on it and NO I'm not tired of seeing it. Although I do really like that mosaic of it.

Gayle said...

The mosaic looks great. Never get sick of looking at quilts.

Janine said...

This is looking great. I love your mosaic - throwing a sewing machine out the window is always a bad idea!

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