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Seriously I think it needs stitches

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Vintage Apron Goodness

No more progress to show yet on the bowties quilt..

Started a new little Christmas project last night, though.. no pictures yet.  Liking it so far, hope it turns out.  A little table topper using a FQ that I had of Kate Spain's 12 days of Christmas.

So I have Quilter's A.D.D.? Does anyone else have this too?

No new quilty photos, but want to share this photo.. my mom brought me this little apron from my Grandma's.  I don't know exactly when it was made, or who made it.. my Grandma sewed a lot, but she also had lots of things that her mom and her aunts sewed.  

All I know is that it was made ages ago.  Not a repro.  And that it is sooo adorable--I LOVE navy and I LOVE polka dots.  **swoon** I wish I had a skinny figure to show it off, but that all flew out the door after I had my son. ha!  

If you love vintage aprons, you'd better sit down.. Here she is:

Okay, maybe I over-sold it. ha  But it really is the cutest little apron I think I've ever seen.  I never EVER saw my Grandma wear it, it feels brand new and delicate and fancy.  She probably didn't want to get it dirty. ;)  Neither do I.  I think I'll just get it out once in a while and touch the fabric and *swoon* over it. :o)  I know my Grandma is in a much better place now and not suffering but I sure do miss her!


It is very cute polka dots.

Aww, what a cute apron. As for ADD, sorry, I just need to...

Hilachas said...

Pretty apron. Thanks for sharing.

Peg said...

That's a fabulous apron - and a wonderful memory!

You're absolutely right, it is an adorable apron. And such a treasure from your grandma. Dolly wants to know how Buster is doing today?

Carla said...

cute apron. Look forward to seeing your quilt projects you are working on.

What a lovely pinny - your granny was a special (and talented) lady...

shez said...

absolutely love it kelli

shez said...

absolutely love it kelli

Very cute....i love it

i definetly have quilters ADD.....5 quilts on the go. 2 in my head that i am die ing to will never end

I so have Quilters ADD and the regular kind too! I love the apron, truly.

Patti said...

The apron is spectacular!! Maybe you need to hang it up in your sewing room!

Kathy said...

I'm not so sure about ADD - but I do have a compulsive apron collecting/making problem, so today's post is delicious! I love the ones that have been passed on by family and friends, but even those with an unknown provenance conjure stories and questions that keep me amused :)

Teresa said...

Your Grandmother's apron is adorable! You say you never saw her wear it, but it's flirty - she may have worn it before she was a Grandmother, or a Mother! Can you imagine your Grandmother as a young woman, wearing it to be flirty with her young husband? Now that's sweet :)

Catherine said...

What a cute little apron and so nice that you have it to remind you of your Grandma. She must have thought it was too special to use too.

bichonpawz said...

I LOVE it Kelli!

Super cute!!

Totally gorgeous! Not over-sold at all!

What a beautiful apron, so lovely for you to have special things to remind you of your Grandma. I love your bowtie quilt in the previous post too!

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