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Seriously I think it needs stitches

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My favorite fabric line at the moment...

So much my favorite that I am having trouble cutting into it.  The sweet fat quarter bundles just look so yummy the way they are..  It's not a new fabric line, but it's still my favorite!

Rainy days and Mondays by Riley Blake.

I need to get some confidence and cut into it without being afraid that I won't do it justice.  I just love the umbrellas!

I did, however, find a suggested pattern on the Riley Blake site tonight..  which made me want to cut into it right NOW.  

I will leave you with a couple of crafty photos.. some little girl bibs, backed with minky.  In my favorite pullover style. :)

Happy Thursday!


sunny said...

Kelli, that fabric is yummy, and I think that quilt pattern does a good job of showcasing it. Have fun.

I was going to tell you send it to me - I won't have any trouble cutting it. But then I saw the pattern - love it for that fabric, so you keep it and CUT it okay?

AND Congrats!!!!! I saw you are a winner at SewCalGal.

Diane said...

Many thanks for stopping by and saying hi! I love it when some one from the other side of the globe just "drops in" .I feel I want to pour you a lovely cuppa and slice some cake and chat for an hour or 2! I buy so much fabric that I just can't bear to cut up! You have a lovely blog. xxxxx

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